A large part of our business clients are farmers who run large farms on a daily basis and care about optimizing the costs of their activities. It is important for them to be able to save money that they can invest in other ways and implement ecological solutions.



It is worth paying attention to one important aspect: farms are not treated as businesses and therefore have to pay rates for electricity similar to that of individual customers.

What can you gain?

  • counteracting constantly rising prices for energy taken from the grid,
  • prices of photovoltaic installations have been decreasing in recent years
  • better and better legal situation for company installations.

Investments in a photovoltaic installation for farms pay off very quickly. This form of energy generation should be considered, in particular, by farmers specializing in animal husbandry (the production of fattening pigs and poultry) and milk production. This will allow you to optimize the profit from your business. The investment will pay for itself very quickly, and the savings will be significant.

How to finance the purchase of photovoltaics

use the support

Farmers who run farms have the opportunity to apply for subsidies for the installation of photovoltaics, and more precisely, they can take advantage of the agricultural tax relief. The law allows 25% of installation costs to be deducted from the tax. This form of support can be used for 15 years. For example: by investing PLN 50,000.00 in photovoltaics, a farmer can receive a tax credit of PLN 12,500.00. If he pays 1,500.00 PLN of agricultural tax every year, he will be exempt from this obligation for 8 years.

In addition to own funds, we have a choice of three sources of financing:

01. dotacje rządowe i samorządowe,
02. kredyt,
03. leasing paneli fotowoltaicznych.

Many farmers indicate one more plus of photovoltaics – people running a farm and being VAT payers can deduct the tax and think about the costs of the photovoltaic installation in net amounts. VAT is fully refunded to the farmer after such investment.

Instalacje fotowoltaiczne małe i duże