Business customers who come under our wing appreciate the benefits of using photovoltaic installations in their companies. They pay attention to the savings resulting from such a solution and its ecology. Increasingly, they indicate to us the care for the environment and air quality, which are inhaled by their employees and families, as the motivating factor of their choice.

Why photovoltaics

discover the possibilities

Entrepreneurs gain in several important aspects:

  • counteracting constantly rising prices for energy taken from the grid,
  • prices of photovoltaic installations have been decreasing in recent years
  • better and better legal situation for company installations.

Regardless of the size of the companies led by entrepreneurs and the number of employees, our business clients pay special attention to how much money they can save on energy every month and spend it on other purposes, e.g. marketing, employee raises or treat it as clean company profit.

How to finance the purchase of photovoltaics

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Companies can apply for funding for the purchase of photovoltaic installations. Ultimately, solar panels will certainly bring the company big savings.

In addition to own funds, we have a choice of three sources of financing:

01. dotacje rządowe i samorządowe,
02. kredyt,
03. leasing paneli fotowoltaicznych.

The installation of photovoltaic panels is associated with the possibility of deducting VAT, which in the case of company installations is maintained at the level of 23%.

Instalacje fotowoltaiczne małe i duże