Will Photovoltaics still be profitable?

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Will Photovoltaics still be profitable?

by Nov 24, 2021News

Will Photovoltaics still be profitable?

At the moment, there is no clear answer to this question. The return on investment will probably be longer, but it is still worth investing your money here. The RES market (renewable energy sources) is constantly developing, and the dynamic progress in the technology of photovoltaic systems will undoubtedly bring many positive changes that everyone is waiting for.

What changes regarding photovoltaic installations await us?

Nevertheless, the current situation in the country is as follows. The government introduces changes to the settlement of surpluses. We will be able to sell them, among others operators, aggregators or neighbors. An important point, however, is that so far the changes only apply to installations that were put into operation after the changes were introduced. So – if you install a photovoltaic installation by the end of 2021, you will still be able to produce electricity and sell the surplus on the current terms (legal status as of 01/09/2021).

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A household that produces more energy than it needs (e.g. on a hot day) can return the surplus to the power grid for free. When the owner of the installation wants to recover the energy produced earlier, he can take back 80% of what he produced and put into the grid free of charge. This solution undoubtedly increases the profitability of photovoltaic systems. However, the climate ministry wants to abolish the current system. After the changes in 2022 new prosumers will most likely (as assumed in the preliminary bill) will have to sell electricity to energy trading companies and then buy it back when they need it. This system is less favorable than the current one, but still more profitable than a standard contract with the utility company.

If you want to save on bills while taking care of the environment, now is the best time to invest in your home installation.

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