We offer a wide selection of modern photovoltaic devices . We work with proven producers – thanks to this, we offer solar panels of various power and select them in a precise way for specific projects. Properly selected photovoltaic elements create a system that, on the one hand, will save you money and, on the other hand, will make the building ecological: it will emit less CO 2 and dust into the atmosphere.

Photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaics is one of many renewable energy sources. By reaching for photovoltaic panels, you become independent from electricity and gas supplies. You care for the environment, you prevent the greenhouse effect, and your loved ones breathe clean air. In combination with heat pumps and charging stations, you reduce heating and transport costs.


Vehicle charging stations

There are many reasons to be stubborn with EVs. Government support is rising, battery prices are falling, and technology is constantly evolving. However, to make the prospect of having an electric car even more attractive, the existing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles needs to be improved.


Heat pumps

Taking into account fuel and energy costs, as well as operating costs, a heat pump is a very interesting solution. It can be used not only to heat rooms and domestic hot water, but also to cool rooms in the summer. Modern heat pumps are equipped with inverter compressors with smooth capacity control.